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ancient techniques of classical hatha yoga combined with vinyasa flow in an unique and authentic way, developed over years by sivayogi.

Taking roots in ancient knowledge and making a bridge with modern, active life, this teacher training will help you to define what is Yoga now. Certified by Yoga Alliance USA, this yoga teacher training prepares you to teach yoga worldwide.
In a serene & ambianced rooftop studio surrounded by a tropical garden you will deepen your self practices and understanding of the true principles of yoga. By qualitative education in techniques, teaching methodology, anatomy, yoga philosophy and practical teaching experience you will ultimately feel safe and adequately prepared to instruct a general adult population.
We strive to train you with you great care and integrity and feel obliged to make sure that you are fully equipped with the right tools to become a great teacher. After all, yoga is more than physical exercise or stress realease. These benefits all come as side effects of regular practice, yet the ultimate aim of yoga is to transcend the limited & egoistic self and connect with the unlimited eternal.
Beyond education, we will provide a proper spiritual environment for your journey. Several years of experience flowed into the shaping of a characterful, recreative accommodation atmosphere and well elaborated yogi diet to ideally assist your practices. Further, we invite you to occasional spiritual trips into the gorgeous landscapes of Kerala in that we attune to nature by walks, mantras, music and bhajan singing.

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Core Subjects of Focus: You will also practice:
Vinyasa Yoga Adjustment and Alignment
Teaching Methodology Cleansing practices
Pranayama Yoga Anatomy
Mantra Yoga Ethics
Yoga Philosophy Yoga Science

7 Days Vinyasa Yoga & Ayruveda Retreat

(flexible booking throughout August) In this program you will have yoga classes (asanas, pranayama, meditation) twice a day, along with varying massages 2 days a week, to increase your health and produce a deep relaxation, an ideal cure for stress. This program benefits the body and mind by removing energy blockades by balancing the chakras and regulating energy distribution throughout the body. Yoga strengthens the body and clears the mind from the inside, you will learn Hatha Vinyasa and hatha shanti yoga sequence, which you can further continue to practice on your own afterwards. Massages function as acupuncture for the nadis / nerves from the outside and balance blood circulation and immune system.

10 - 15 Days Yoga & Travelling Retreat

(This special program will only be conducted if enough partiipants (min. 6) are interested. Please email us if you wish to participate.) In this yoga vacation you will explore both, the physical and philosophical aspects of yoga. Experience tantric techniques and meditation practices along with discovering many diverse landscapes of Kerala, like its charming jungle or beautiful mountains and tea fields, surrounding Munnar.

Himalayan Holiday Retreat

Every summer, when the raining season starts in Kerala, we will move with our students in the beautiful Himalaya ranges. The fresh air and high altitudes are ideal to connect body, mind and soul.

Yoga with Accommodation

(flexible booking) Stay in a comfortable double bed room with attached bathroom, private Balcony free vegetarian lunch and 2 classes of Yoga and Meditation everyday.

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